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Auric Field:    The energy currents flowing through us create a charged field outside of our physical body as well. This auric field is composed of several layers and is of variable thickness. It is usually palpable within a couple inches of the physical body. Some people can visualize it and detect color flows. There are now cameras that can capture and colorize the auric field on film. Kirilian photography is becoming quite popular and is readily available at many festivals and events. The aura, or subtle body, connects directly with the physical body in many locations. These areas or vortexes are called chakras. There are numerous minor chakras, but generally speaking, only 7 major chakras are recognized. The chakras act as transformers, converting the energy field into current usable by the body.

Hormonal Connection:  We have discussed the chakras and their connection to the endocrine system. There is an important correlation here. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs originate in our energy body and are translated by the chakras into the chemical language of the physical body via hormones. That is why we feel emotions with such intensity and why, when our hormones are out of order, we experience emotional turbulence. The sexual hormones are especially prone to causing emotional outbursts, but even with the digestive hormones, i.e. insulin, erratic production causes moodiness and irritability. Keeping our subtle body healthy and balanced has a direct effect on how good we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

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