Statement of Beliefs


We, at the New Universal Church believe that we are all seeking and discovering our own personal truth in our own unique way.

We value all the viewpoints of our ministers and congregation, however varied and controversial they might be.

We believe in religious freedom, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others and is within the law.

We welcome any who seek truth, wisdom, and joyful acceptance.

We use teaching material from a variety of sources as wisdom is found in many places and people hear it in different ways.

We recognize that every individual has direct access to the creative source and the ultimate reality, which is the Universe.

We celebrate the Universe as the totality of all being, past, present and future.

We celebrate life and rejoice in the knowledge that all matter, energy, and life are an interconnected oneness.

Our main purpose is to help any and all who ask to find their spiritual truth, regardless of race, gender, background, lifestyle or other church affiliations.

We strive to live in harmony with nature and acknowledge the sanctity of all life.

We believe in encouraging individual responsibility for spiritual growth.

We respect the Constitution of the United States of America and respect the governments of the other peaceful nations in which some of our members reside.


About Us

Our mission is to help as many people in our communities as possible. We can do this by the many donations and support that we get from the local communities and volunteers.

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