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The New Universal Church invites you to learn about our ordination process

Become an Ordained Minister

An ordained minister of the New Universal Church is an interfaith minister accepting all positive spiritual paths and traditions. The NUC minister makes no judgments against any valid churches, denominations, faiths, or traditions that accept the rights of every individual to a personal relationship with their spirituality.

The New Universal Church does not believe that mere tolerance is enough. We ask that our ministers practice joyful acceptance of all other lifestyles and spiritualities.

As a NUC minister you will have the responsibility and legal right to perform all services of the church. This includes spiritual counseling, healing work, readings, performing weddings, baptisms, funeral services, and other traditional religious roles.

There are several different titles that are available to NUC ministers including: Interfaith Minister, Healing Minister, Gnostic Minister, Priest, Shaman, Chaplain, High Priest, High Priestess, and Esoteric Minister.

All of these titles enable you to legally perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, and offer pastoral counseling, including intuitive readings. You may legally attach Reverend, Pastor, Chaplain, etc. to your name, and accept money for your services.

There is no question that the spiritual consciousness of people in general is changing. People are seeking more results from their spirituality and less of the dogma that has been utilized for centuries to dominate and oppress people. With these changes comes the need for more ministers to help with the healing and teaching.

How do I become ordained by the New Universal Church?

We follow no oppressive dogma at the New Universal Church. Please read our Statement of Beliefs. If this makes sense to you, then we offer you the opportunity to become ordained by the NUC.

We have very simple guidelines we expect our ministers to follow.

How to become an ordained minister? See below.

The process to become ordained is as follows:

Step 1. Please complete the short Ordination Application and return via email. All info is kept absolutely private and is not shared. This info is important to validate that you are a legal ordained minister of the New Universal Church.

Step 2. Read the New Universal Church Statement of Beliefs.

Please write at least a paragraph or two on how you feel about the Statement. Is there more you would add to the Statement?

Step 3. We believe it is important to have a genuine relationship with our ministers and to know something about them.

Please write a paragraph or two on your spiritual history up until now. 

Step 4. We want our ministers to be active and involved with ministry work as much as possible.

Please write a paragraph or two on what you hope to accomplish in your new role as a minister of the New Universal Church.

Items 1 thru 4 may be sent via email or if you prefer you may send by postal mail. If by email please put in subject line: Ordination Application. If by mail please send to New Universal Church, Ordination Application, PO Box 4825 Plant City, FL 33563.

Step 5. We ask for a minimum donation of $50 for the ordination tuition. This is a one time fee and is good for life. You will receive your ordination credentials and certificate via US mail in 1-2 weeks after application and payment is received. You may send check or money order with application to above address or you may pay online with PayPal.

 Ordination tuition of $50:

Click here for info on tuition outside of the USA

Why the New Universal Church?

Yes, there are many churches out there and many opportunities to become ordained. We hope that you will choose the NUC because you accept the principles and beliefs of the church and that you have a genuine interest in helping others.

We have been in operation since 1999 and have helped many people to a better understanding of self. It is highly rewarding and an absolute labor of love.

We promise to always be available by phone and email to help you establish your ministry or to improve on the work you already do.

We practice “Equal Value Exchange” and therefore promise to provide continuing assistance so that you will want to maintain a relationship with the New Universal Church.

We offer events, retreats, healing circles, etc. that we will invite all members and ordained ministers to attend.

The New Universal Church is a not for profit organization. The funds collected through the ordination process are used to support the various ministries of the church. This includes the physical sanctuary in Florida, All World Acres.

Have Questions? Please email to: info@newuniversalchurch.org  or call 813-748-0761 

Or you may read Frequently Asked Questions.

Working as an ordained minister is a very rewarding job. We are pleased that you have considered the New Universal Church for this new adventure in your life. We believe our work as healers, teachers, and spiritual counselors have impacted the lives of hundreds of people. We hope you will join with us to continue this important endeavor.

Please click here for the Ordination Application

You may pay the $50 tuition fee with PayPal using a check, credit card, or debit card.

Click here for info on tuition outside of the USA


If I become an ordained minister with the New Universal Church will I be able to use the title “Reverend” with my name?

Yes. Many members and new ordained ministers choose to use this title while others choose; Pastor, Priest, High Priest, Priestess, High Priestess, Cleric, etc.


Replacement Certificates for the New Universal Church ministerial ordinations.