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The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can never be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another.

All matter and energy are regarded as equivalent. Therefore all matter cannot be destroyed only transitioned to another form.

All energy is in constant motion, therefore constantly changing. Change is the law of nature. This law of change was wonderfully described by William W. Atkinson in 1911 in the “The Mastery of Being” .He wrote:

“All nature and all the universe is in a constant state of flux. Everything changing its shape, form or activities from the moment of its creation. Everything is in constant motion from the atoms to suns, from universe to electrons. Nothing remains the same for two consecutive moments . . . nothing stands still.”

This endless eternal transformation of energy is happening all around and within you. Mentally and physically you are constantly changing. You are, in fact, a creative process.

This constant change provides endless potential for beneficial change. Each and every moment is an infinite possibility that you may evolve into the finite realities of your desires.

This creative process of change is ordered by our intention. Intention brings change. Imagination brings change. Thoughts become actions.

Reiki is a good example of the many intentional healing modalities. The effectiveness of Reiki and other similar practices depend upon the intention of the practitioner.

Maintain a focus and intention of wellness, of wholeness, of healing, and change occurs.

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